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ROTTWEILERS are not a breed that is suitable for everyone. They make excellent devoted family pets and companions as long as you are prepared to give plenty of time, attention and discipline. They thrive on companionship and are eager to please, and because of their intelligence are easy to train. Training must start from the minute you obtain your pup and continue on through adolescence to maturity. This is not an option, it is an absoluete necessity if you are to be a responsible owner of this loyal, powerful breed. You must not allow any misbehaviour or habits to develop in the pup which would be undesirable in a full grown dog. To rectify these unwanted traits will be very difficult, maybe even impossible to reverse. It is vital that he is taught his position within his human pack as canines live in a social hierarchy; the pack leader MUST BE YOU. Under no circumstances must a Rottie be allowed to be 'boss'. Brute force used by you to train your dog is dangerous and totally unnecessary. You could end up with a very powerful aggressive dog or a cowered nervous unpredictable dog. Patience, consistency and kindness are all that is required from you to guarantee that your Rottie behaves in the manner that you require and society demands.
 The Rottweiler is a working/droving dog and requires regular exercise to maintain muscle tone and health and should be capable of trotting for at least three to four miles a day plus other 'play' activities. Great care must be taken not to over exert a pup as this puts strain on fast growing bones and ligaments and must be gradually introduced after about 8-12 months.

Vet insurance is a must as the bigger the dog, the bigger the bill. They can be subject to a few health disorders as are many breeds which are extremely expensive to rectify or treat. Hip & Elbow Dysplasia is becoming less prevalent as good, knowledgeable breeders only breed from good hip scored and certified parents and grandparents. All breedingdogs should be free from JLLP. Other health disorders such as entropian, and crusiate ligament problems may also appear and although repairable are very, very costly. A reputable breeder will have taken every precaution by only breeding from sound selected stock in the HOPE of preventing such disorders arising.

Before obtaining a Rottweiler it is vital to do your homework and research into the breed and to shop carefully for an experienced and caring breeder.

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