"Strutt-a-Mutt" dog training group is the name of our club which we run weekly in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland. It is for all breeds and types of dogs from pups to pensioners where we try to teach owners how to train their dogs by using rewards and praise instead of the old methods of yanking the dogs head off with a choke chain! It is never to early to start training your dog, the earlier the better, start as you mean to go on. That means from the very first moment that you take your pup home. Socialise, socialise, socialise, take the dog to the pub with you, carry it along the street until it has had it's innoculations, introduce it to all and everything.

An obedient dog is essential whatever the breed it is. The bigger the dog, the bigger the responsibility. It may only resemble a small cuddly teddy bear just now but eventually, that adorable little thing may well grow into ten stone of muscle, and, if untrained will drag you under the nearest bus or flatten poor Granny. However it is never too late to learn and you can teach an old dog new tricks, even though it was once thought that it was impossible. What rubbish! Time, patience and consistancy is all it takes.

We have quite a few Rotties who attend our evenings, some of them having been referred from local vets, some by word of mouth etc. because their owners believe that they have a 'problem' dog. We find that generally it is the owner who is the problem, usually because they lack canine logic and knowledge of their breed, information which they should have acquired before they obtained their dog along with further information received from their breeder

obedient rottie

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